Want Free Whiskey Samples?

Each week I will pick 5 people from the list to receive a sample and 1 from the stream. You only have to sign up once for all future giveaways!

How do you pick the winners?

Every Friday, I will host a live event for anyone that wants to attend (link given to come in email). I will host it on Random.org. I randomize the entries and then go five rounds and the top five folks at the end will win a sample. It's that easy!

There's a bonus entry for those that come hang out on stream each week and shoot the shit. If you're a winner, you won't be eligible to win again for 60 days unless you donate $10 to a charity of my choice.

If you're a winner, I will reach out and ask for your address if you haven't updated your profile.

Good luck!

The Rules

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Free Whiskey Samples